Classic Americana in Las Vegas fashion

When Ryan Shorosky graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2014, he decided to drive an 18-wheeler around the country for a year, photographing truck drivers along the way. That was when he first went to Las Vegas.He returned there once a month over the course of that year.

On his latest trip, in May, Mr. Shorosky wanted to capture the variety of people who work in Las Vegas, especially those with unconventional jobs. “In other cities you might work as a barista, but in Vegas really strange opportunities exist for people that live there,” he said. He saw these two women outside the Bellagio hotel. The woman on the left has a tattoo covering most of her thigh. “There is a dichotomy that exists in Vegas where, from afar, things kind of look like they’re meant to be, but when you dig in closer, you figure out that there are a lot more layers to the people or the place,” the photographer said.

“I had this idea on my first day about exploring the iconic things of Vegas — Elvis, of course, being one of those things,” Mr. Shorosky said. Not that everything in Las Vegas is as it appears.Zach Brewer, shown above, is not a professional Elvis impersonator. He and a friend, visiting from Houston, were part of a bridal party and decided to dress up. “He was in costume and just drinking a lot,” the photographer said.

Toni James has been a figure in the Las Vegas drag scene for 30 years. “No matter where I went or who I talked to, everyone knew who Toni James was,” the photographer said. He first met Mr. James at the Double Down Saloon, a dive bar where locals hang out, and decided to photograph him there. “He was in this punk bar bathroom putting his makeup on and getting ready,” Mr. Shorosky said.